Set up and measure in minutes. Instant reading.

Simplicity is built into the Lancom 4 Design. Switch on, connect the sample probe and instantly make real-time readings.

Exceptional battery life. Made to work all day.

Exceptional battery life is key to an exceptional portable gas analyser. The Lancom 4 has dual rechargeable batteries for unto 8 hours continuous use.

Integral sample conditioning. High performance.

High performance sample conditioning for high accuracy and repeatability. All in one portable box.

Nine Simultaneous gas measurements. All-in-one solution.

The Lancom 4 has the capacity and flexibility to meet all measurement requirements in a single instrument.

  • High Quality Colour Display

    Visualise your data with new widescreen display.

  • Multiple Language Support

    Navigate the menu in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese (other languages available upon request).

  • USB Communications Support

    Simple interface to PC and data transfer - supports USB Memory Sticks